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egg3® / egg2® - Twin Adaptors (for Double Stroller / Tandem Stroller Mode)

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Upgrade your Egg® stroller with our Tandem Adaptors, designed to convert your single stroller into a multi-seat tandem effortlessly. Perfect for accommodating a growing family, these adaptors allow for six different approved configurations, ensuring optimal flexibility and convenience.

Key Features:

Custom Fit: Specifically engineered for Egg® strollers, these adaptors integrate perfectly, providing secure and stable additions.
Multiple Configurations: Facilitates up to six unique seating arrangements to suit your family's needs as it evolves.
Ease of Use: Simple to install and remove, these adaptors make transitioning your stroller setup quick and straightforward.

By adding the Egg® Tandem Adaptors to your stroller, you unlock new possibilities for family outings, ensuring comfort and accessibility for all your children. Whether you're expecting another child or need more versatile seating options, these adaptors are the ideal solution.