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Does the egg2® Stroller come with a raincover?

Yes, a raincover is included with the stroller and carry cot.

How do I maintain the wheels?

We recommend you regularly clean and lubricate your wheels, using silicone spray or petroleum jelly. It is important to regularly check for grit and sand within the wheel fixtures, as these can corrode metal parts unless removed.

How do I clean egg2® fabrics?

Fabrics should be cleaned in accordance with the care labels – but generally hand wash or sponge clean only,  using a mild detergent and warm water.

I have an issue with my stroller, what do I do?

If your stroller is within warranty, in the first instance contact the retailer you purchased from who can advise. If your stroller is out of the warranty period, you can contact us at info@eggstrollers.com where we can advise – charges may apply depending on the issue.

How do I fit the hood of my new egg2?

It’s really simple – firstly zip the hood on and extend the canopy, then line up the clasp with the seat frame and snap on using the palm of you hand in the middle of the clasp. Please see a video here on our Facebook page.

Will the egg2® stroller fit in the boot of my car?

You can check out the product specifications here, to help determine how egg2® fits into your lifestyle.

When should I order my stroller?

We would advise expectant parents to starting thinking about their baby transport needs as soon as possible, and order at least 3 months before the baby is due.

Is the egg2® stroller suitable for twins?

Yes, you can purchase tandem adaptors to convert the chassis into a double, but please be aware we only make tandem seats in a limited number of colourways. Click here to find out more about tandem configurations.

How much does the egg2® stroller basket hold?

The basket holds up to 6.6 lbs, with a maximum volume of 21 litres.

How long is the warranty of the egg2® stroller?

From the date of purchase, the chassis and seat frame has a warranty period of 24 months. The carrycot, fabrics and raincover have a warranty period of 6 months.

The warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

Where can I find the serial number of my egg2® stroller?

The serial number is located on the inside, back right leg of the chassis.

How long can I use my egg2® stroller for?

The egg2® Stroller is suitable up to a maximum of 55 lbs. The carrycot is suitable up to 19.8 lbs.

Can you remove the wheels easily?

Yes! The wheels come off very easily, the back wheels via the central release button and the front wheels on the inside of the chassis above the wheel.

Do you sell chassis’ separately?

Unfortunately we do not sell chassis’ on their own.

What is the maximum weight egg2® strollers can take in tandem mode?

In tandem mode with a seat unit and tandem seat, the maximum weight is 33 lbs per seat.