This Warranty is not transferable and applies to products bought in the USA only.

Your Warranty Covers

  • All egg® strollers.
  • All parts except inflatable tires, inner tubes and rain covers.
  • We endeavour to hold fabric and coordinating components for the duration of the warranty period. If specific colors are not available then a coordinating fabric will be used. Fabrics may fade and discolour slightly during normal use and we cannot guarantee that replacements will be an exact match to original components.
  • Where a spare is uneconomical, egg® will offer a replacement product.
  • egg® may inspect the product and verify fault before offering a spare, replacement or refund.
  • In the event of your stroller being damaged due to the use of other brand stroller platforms (buggy boards) this will invalidate the warranty.

This Warranty Does Not Cover

  • Failure to follow the egg® user guide and maintenance instructions.
  • Damage caused by non domestic use.
  • General wear and tear, for example: worn wheels, damaged rain covers, worn/torn fabric.
  • Deliberate damage, misuse or neglect.
  • Product which has been modified, undergone an unauthorized repair or used a non approved spare part.
  • Cosmetic damage.
  • Parts subject to normal wear and tear, foam handles, rubber elements of wheels, signs of fabric wear.
  • Loss incurred as a result of not being able to use a product whilst waiting for a spare part or repair.

We can provide spare parts for damages which fall outside the scope of the warranty. Prices are quoted on an individual basis. Please contact info@eggstrollers.com for more details.

US Customer Care Details

egg® customer support email: info@eggstrollers.com

12 Month Limited Warranty | Terms & Conditions

Here at egg® we believe in creating a product that not only gives moms & dads perfect peace of mind but also comfort and a big smile on your little one's face. This is why with your warranty you can feel safe in the knowledge that in the unlikely event one of our products were to go wrong, we would support you along the way.

To make things as clear as possible, please see a breakdown of the key points below:

  • Second-hand products do not qualify for the warranty.
  • Registering with incorrect information will invalidate your warranty. egg® reserve the right to refuse any warranty if our Terms and Conditions are not met.
  • The warranty is available for egg® branded products only.
  • The warranty is only available to the original purchasing individual who completes the warranty registration form, stating details of purchase from an approved egg® retailer, within 30 days of purchase. For a list of approved retailers, please contact Customer Care.
  • The warranty is non-transferable.
  • The warranty applies to the product only and does not cover any consequential losses - i.e time or other products.
  • The warranty is not applicable to products purchased ex-showroom display.
  • egg® will replace like for like. However, we reserve the right to discontinue a design, colorway, fabric, accessories or model should we see fit. Under these circumstances, the consumer will receive an equivalent product, provided the claim is within the warranty period.
  • The warranty is only available to products purchased in the United States of America.
  • The warranty does not cover faults caused by factors outside the manufacturer's control, including (but not exclusively):
  • Failure to follow the egg® user guide and maintenance instructions
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Inappropriate use and/or cleaning
  • Accidental and/or willful damage - i.e. customer misuse with respect to the enclosed user guides
  • Inappropriate storage methods
  • Modification, alteration, transformation of the product
  • Cosmetic damage
  • In the event of any faults - you shall notify egg® within 1 week upon discovery of a defect.
  • The warranty applies to material and manufacturing defects only under normal domestic use. It does not cover parts subject to normal wear and tear, foam handles, rubber elements of wheels, signs of fabric wear.
  • If the product is found to be defective within the definition detailed above, egg® shall, at its discretion, provide new goods and parts to you in replacement.
  • If a claim is made under this warranty and the defect is not due to faulty materials or manufacture, egg® reserve the right to charge the customer for any replacement parts supplied.
  • The warranty is valid once the registration process has been completed.
  • egg® reserves the right to determine if warranty terms and conditions have been met.

Hints & Tips

  • Please read your user guide carefully before attempting to use your stroller or high chair or any other egg® product.
  • If your stroller is used by someone unfamiliar with it, always show them how it works.
  • Ensure your child wears a harness at all times.
  • Regularly inspect the locks, brakes, harness, catches, seat adjusters, joints and fixings to ensure they are secure and in full working order.
  • Do not overload your stroller, high chair or any other egg® product with additional weight, goods or accessories.
  • It may be dangerous to leave your child unattended.
  • Do not let children play with or hang on your stroller or high chair.
  • Be careful when going up or down curbs. Remove your child and fold the stroller when going up or down stairs or escalators.
  • Ensure children are clear of moving parts before opening, closing or making adjustments to the stroller.
  • When it comes to first receiving and testing out your stroller you must make sure to try it out on a clean & carpeted surface with your child in it. Strollers cannot be returned if they are used outdoors.

Refunds & Exchanges

We are happy to refund or exchange any stroller or high chair should you change your mind about your purchase, and be in line with our return policy:

  • All is within 30 days of receiving the products.
  • All is returned new and unused in the original, undamaged packaging with all original parts and accessories.
  • Proof of purchase is required.

For manufacturer defects, the following details apply:

  • All is within 30 days of purchase.
  • We will offer a spare part where possible (subject to availability) or a suitable replacement will be offered if your stroller or highchair suffers a manufacturing fault within twelve months of purchase.
  • Proof of purchase will be required.
  • Please note that any faulty product MUST be photographed and/or videoed and sent to us, evidencing the proposed fault clearly (our Customer Care team can give you instructions) in order to qualify for either a refund or an exchange.